This is your invitation to become a member of NLC 42 - the select group of individuals and families like you who underwrite the cost of NLC for each week of operation with a $15,000 annual gift.

JHI supports the NLC in shaping Israel’s next generation of leaders. Through the strong partnership forged with the City of Ariel, Israel’s Ministry of Education, and the Israel Defense Force (IDF), we have helped over 85,000 Israeli youth understand their life purpose.


As our partnerships continue to grow, we need a handful of committed people who believe in the mission and vision of JH Israel, and provide funding to sustain the NLC now and in the years ahead.


The cost for each week of the NLC programs is $15,000 ($630,000 annually) over the 42 weeks of NLC operation each year.


What will my membership accomplish?

  • You become part of the select group that ensures the NLC is viable today and in future.

  • You’ll be making a life-changing investment in the life of each Israeli student or young leader who comes to learn experientially about leadership from a Biblical perspective.

  • Your gift provides a foundation for the NLC to build on and gives continuity to plan for future growth.

  • You’ll help ensure that staff and trainers are equipped and developed to maximize program effectiveness.

  • Your gift allows the NLC to respond to requests for new programs.

What will I receive?

  • You’ll have the opportunity choose a specific week beginning in October 2021 that you wish to fund – perhaps one that has significance to you and your family.

  • You’ll enter a customized journey where you’ll be informed, updated and connected personally to the NLC. You’ll have a countdown to your week, and get a personalized update once the week is over.

  • A banner at the NLC will let the staff and students know you are helping them have this NLC experience.

  • There will also be a special invitation and celebration if you choose to visit the NLC in Israel.

  • Your personalized, customized fulfillment report will include a video highlighting the stories and impact of a week at the NLC.

  • You’ll also receive regular updates on new programs, plans and progress as the vision of the NLC is being fulfilled.



  • Email Brianna Champion - to select your week and complete the registration process.

  • Once registered, you will be prompted via email to complete a commitment form with your name (your family or group) and your payment plan ( monthly, quarterly, or annually).

  • You will receive an email confirming your membership commitment.


Thank you for giving this membership opportunity your prayerful consideration!